Off-site Training

The Core Fitness Training team is also available to support Off Site Training with your personal, group and corporate wellness programs.

Whether you are looking for in-home training, want to start a private group class or are interested in bringing training sessions to your offices at lunch time or after hours; our trainers have the skills, caring and knowledge to help support your needs.

Advantages of Off-Site and Wellness Training

Staff Morale

Your staff are one of your most vital assets. Training can help make employees happier in their role. Investing resources into your staff will show them that that they are truly valued within the team. Employee energy and engagement are also likely to be higher as well.


Exercise helps Employees be more focused and therefore perform better in their daily roles. Training can also stimulate them to do better and be happier too.

Health and Wellness

Healthy Employees equal less sick days, more energy and higher productivity results.

Building Company Value and Camaraderie

Team training is good for networking and teamwork improvement. It can also improve learning experiences, where people feel more comfortable can share advice, cheerleading, accomplishments ideas and goals together. Training is also a large factor job seekers look out for too when searching for a new employer. Offering training can therefore help you to attract some of the best talent.

Corporate Group Training

Corporate America has begun to realize just how much of an impact the health and wellness of their employees has on the overall costs of running a business. The right fitness and wellness programs can positively impact employees and their productivity level in the workplace and also at home. Recent studies have shown that promoting proper body mechanics for injury prevention, engaging in healthy habits with nutrition and education, and initiating stress management skills are the keys to increased productivity and decreased absenteeism in today’s corporate employees.

Employees often experience one or more of the following health issues relating directly to repetitive movement caused by their job responsibilities and poor body mechanics: chronic back pain, sharp or chronic neck pain, loss of range of motion and pain in the shoulders and wrists, fatigue, struggles with weight management, and anxiety/depression.

Top programs to think about implementing in your company, which offer ways to combat anxiety and depression, increase strength, and promote healthy nutrition:

  • Modified Yoga and Pilates teach flexibility and proper body mechanics
  • Resistance training classes and programs increase strength in weakened muscles, joints, and ligaments
  • Light cardiovascular fitness programs combat hypertension and anxiety
  • Group Fitness classes give employees the opportunity to get together in community, learn about healthy tips, share advice, and support each other

More Information

What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?
Harvard Business Review, December 2010


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