Listen to your body. It's smart too!Our Core Philosophy

Being fit is a way of life at Core Fitness Training. We believe that fitness is not just a “look”.  Instead it is the whole package of healthy thoughts, flexibility and mobility, strength and power combined with inner peace, contentment and a supportive community. We understand that health is not about constantly striving; instead we celebrate and welcome the opportunity for you to just BE in your body each day as you own your strength and power.

Whether you want to slim down or tone up, have more energy for work or for your family, improve sports performance, reduce stress, look and feel better or just enjoy being in your body –we’re here to help. Core Fitness Training has everything you need to help you to achieve your goals!

The human body is the most amazing instrument you will ever own. It is the vehicle from which you move and express yourself. It is the house that contains you. You can’t trade it in or buy a new one; this body is yours for life. To look after it and ensure that it operates well for the duration of your life is the smartest investment you will make.

We at Core Fitness training feel privileged to have local doctors and health experts as 25% of our clientele, and we are honored that their client referrals make up another 40% of our clientele.

Keeping fit is a way of life at Core Fitness Training.

Core Fitness will get you fit.
No hips, abs or butts about it!


Core Fitness Training is located at 4430 Hollister Avenue, near Nogal and Modoc. There is parking in the back of the building.


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