What has kept me coming weekly for years? Results. I am in my sixties. Core Fitness keeps me healthy and vital. A class turns exercise into an hour of fun. I get to take a pause from my busy life and connect with myself as well as others in a meaningful, empowering way. Even the physical space reflects the values and attitudes of it’s trainers—cheerful, organized, colorful and sparkling clean. How many gyms smell good when you walk in? I feel safe to come exactly as I am—motivated or not, energized or not, happy or not. I always walk out uplifted.

Instead of having us compete with each other, our differences are welcomed and honored—from body type to personality. And always, always, I know that I will be invited to move through any limiting beliefs that I may hold about what my body is capable of into greater strength and flexibility. Quite simply, Core Fitness goes beyond an exercise studio. It is a place of refuge for body, mind and spirit.

Anny Eastwood, LMFT

“Belly button to spine” is becoming a mantra for the CFT girls at Heritage House! Robin and Darya are exceptional women with a contagious passion for fitness. I’m not very disciplined to exercise beyond a walk with the dog but nowadays I often find myself looking forward to our class with eagerness. These lady warriors are sensitive to our limitations but push us to maximize our time together feeling like the little engine that could. On behalf of my co-workers, thank you for keeping the class fresh with a diverse range of workouts and leaving us with the sense that we are superstars physically and emotionally.

Rosemarie Harris
Heritage House Group, Inc.

I’ve been attending Core Fitness Training group exercise classes consistently for over nine years. The classes are always fun and challenging, and NEVER “just the same old thing.” The instructors at CFT are incredibly motivating, sensitive to your individual needs, and just fun to be around!

Carla Manchester

I come to Core Fitness Training regularly for the personal focus, for quality of the instructors and their fitness expertise,  for the relaxed atmosphere and the challenging workouts and most especially for the genuine care they show and have about my health.

Dr. Michael Berhman

We love CFT for providing our people the means by which they can feel good about themselves and their work, the support to help our staff be in better shape for themselves and for their jobs and the important opportunity to create a common denominator for every individual within our organization by building this irreplaceable camaraderie. The Core Fitness Training Team provides a personal level of attention and care that can only come from the heart.

Bill McGeever
Heritage House Santa Barbara

Since I have been coming to Core Fitness Training, I have more strength, better flexibility and much better balance. I was originally referred by Dr. John Arguellas.  I like that the CFT trainers provide a personal touch where I feel they have complete immersion and understanding into my needs and into what each client needs to improve themselves. I appreciate the diversity of the workouts. I never experience ‘boredom’ working out at Core Fitness Training.

Steve Engles

All of the trainers at Core Fitness training are so positive. I am given great directions and assistance so that I can do the exercises well and with self confidence. I really enjoy the one-on-one attention. I have slimmed down and am steadier on my feet since I started working out at Core Fitness Training.

Virginia Norris, 86 years old


Core Fitness Training is located at 4430 Hollister Avenue, near Nogal and Modoc. There is parking in the back of the building.


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