Pilates in Santa Barbara

Your body is a complex and elegant construction beautifully designed to bend and twist. Your ribs attach directly to your spine, so if your spine is stiff and hunched you cannot breathe deeply and effectively.  Your spine provides a strong central support for your body’s framework and internal organs.  If your spine is strong, flexible and well aligned, it does more with less effort. This helps all the other joints, and muscles in your body while giving you increased strength mobility and energy.

Pilates movements are specifically designed to elongate strengthen and decompress the spine and joints. Pilates helps you become taller, stronger and more balanced.

When we look at the body as a whole, if one part of the whole is not working optimally, the entire body will suffer as a result. Much like the alignment of the wheels on our cars, when one of our wheels is out of alignment, this causes wear and tear on the rest of the wheels. Once we identify where this misalignment occurs, we can move to correct it. When we move more efficiently then we begin the wonderful journey of getting all four wheels evenly back on the pavement.

At Core Fitness Training in Santa Barbara, we apply all of the best elements of personal training and Pilates. Pilates is such a complement to traditional exercise and to functional movement because it brings a heightened body awareness that can only further improve our strength, balance and endurance.

Santa Barbara Pilates


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