Active Aging

At Core Fitness Training we believe that healthy movement creates long, vibrant and happy lives. Our quality of life, the focus of our minds and the wellbeing of our bodies is enhanced and supported by healthy everyday movement and interaction.

With this in mind, CFT is committed to helping every one of our clients move well in a high quality of life for their lifetime by exercising their competence, creating interesting and challenging movement options as well as making sure our studio, programs and trainers are full of care, compassion and respect.

In 2002, a major study of aging in the United Kingdom undertaken by Dr. Michael Marmot and his colleagues shows the following:

“Ask people about aging in our society, and everyone has a view. Most would think it widely known that older age is a time of declining mental and physical function, worse health, and economic and social dependency. The elderly are a ‘problem.’ Indeed, a small number of people over the age of 65 fit this stereotype. Most do not. What is striking about the health and social circumstances of older people in society is how variable the picture is, ranging from this rather depressing stereotype to that of vigorous octogenarians, economically and socially independent, with little disability, wide social and cultural interests and much to contribute to society.”

Additional Information

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